Vichy Enchères


The destiny of works of art

« Such is the way with works of art, they go from one owner to the next, from home to home, sometimes travelling across continents and between concert halls… it is their fate. »

Catherine Millant

Patrick Delile

May 1st, 2021
Passionate musician, secretary of the Association of Wind Instrument Collectors and editor for its journal, the Larigot, Patrick Delile was a true scholar in brass instruments.

Bernard Millant

November 29th, 2017
December 5th, 2018
November 27th, 2019
This major personality of the world of violin makers and of bow makers, built one of the most beautiful collection of bows and violins in the world…

Laurent Kaltenbach

May 18th, 2019
Industrial designer and great collector of wind instruments, Laurent Kaltenbach was one of the founders of the ACIMV…

Henri Vicariot

June 7th, 2018
A great figure of the French architecture of the second half of the twentieth century, Henri Vicariot was also a talented cellist and an enlightened collector…

Frank Tomes succession

December 15th, 2012
April 7th, 2018
Frank Tomes was one of the greatest collectors of English wind instruments, mainly brass…

Michel Samoyault

April 7th, 2018
Antique dealer at the Saint Ouen flea market in Paris between 1971 and until the mid-1980s, Michel Samoyault was specialized in musical instruments.

Achille Jubinal

December 12th, 2015
The Achille Jubinal collection which should rather be called the Saint-Albin/Jubinal/Duruy collection, began under the first Empire…