Vichy Enchères


A high quality service

When you present your musical instrument in Vichy, you benefit from a high quality service, reaching the reliable premium buyers of all around the world and to be accompanied through all the administrative formalities.

Reserve price and sales conditions

When you decide to sell your music instrument with Vichy Enchères, you can set a reserve price, which is a minimum price below which your item cannot be sold. Just know that the reserve price cannot be higher than the low estimate of your instrument.
Find all of our downloadable sales conditions here.

Sales conditions
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Sales commissions and payment

As a seller, a percentage of the auction price will be deducted from your sales slip, depending on the quality of the instrument. These costs include the service we provide you as well as expenses incurred in connection with the sale: catalog, advertising, expert fees, transport and storage costs, etc. These rate is specific to our customers selling musical instruments.
We make payments by bank transfer within one month, provided that the buyer has paid his invoice.

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Administrative formalities

National and international laws are becoming more complex and require a perfect knowledge of the procedures to be carried out before and after the sale. So we take care of the administrative procedures.
We support you in the management of flat-rate capital gains taxes.
If you live outside the European Union, we guide you through the customs procedures. We request cultural property certificates for any instrument whose estimate is greater than € 50,000. We request CIC/CITES certificates if your instrument is made with protected species.

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