Vichy Enchères

Etienne Laurent

Auctioneer - Director of Vichy Enchères (since 2011)

Meet the team

The integration of Etienne LAURENT as a permanent member of Vichy Enchères corresponds to the arrival of a new generation of auctioneers. After a double university cursus in Economy/Management as well as Art History, he obtained a diploma at the ‘Louvre School’ before starting his training as an auctioneer and follow this apprenticeship, while taking theory exams and attending numerous professional seminars.

Etienne LAURENT joins the profession at a time when new technologies and globalization have become two factors to be mastered to adapt oneself to the market, better apprehend it and be able to foresee the future in the field of musical instruments.  A specialty that Etienne LAURENT intends developing further, in particular by the use of new tools such as “live” auctions:  during certain auction sales, buyers can assist and quote in direct, from anywhere in the world. This real revolution allows a facilitated access to the auctions and eventually gives buyers the desire to come in person to Vichy.

Our young auctioneer thinks that the balance between technology and man must be respected.  He therefore wishes to improve the “welcoming” aspect of the activity, so that buyers, at least for a few days, can experience “The French Way of Life”.

Without excluding any sector of his activity, Etienne LAURENT intends developing and widening the contents of the sales to other music-related aspects: mechanic music, more modern instruments such as electric guitars from the 60s, books, scores, manuscripts… Numerous projects seen as stimulating challenges for this auction house on a permanent ‘standby’.